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Easy Matcha Latte Recipe

The easiest matcha latte recipe to get your green tea fix! We combine matcha and milk with just a bit of sweetener, and provide extra helpful tips at the bottom so you can adjust the recipe to your liking. Enjoy!

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Dreamy Matcha Milkshake

A super creamy milkshake-style smoothie to satisfy your green tea cravings! This simple and versatile recipe looks like a smoothie but tastes like a milkshake! Frozen bananas are blended with creamy vanilla protein and non-dairy milk to create a rich, smooth delight. A dash of matcha green tea adds superfood nutrients, while spinach doubles the greens in this recipe! A not-so-guilty pleasure to enjoy anytime.

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Chocolate Matcha Cups

Satisfy your sweet tooth with all-natural chocolate green tea cups! Alternating layers of chocolate and coconut cream are infused with nutrient-rich matcha powder for an antioxidant powerhouse! Who knew chocolate could be a guilt-free indulgence?

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