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Healthy Matcha Pancakes

If you ever thought pancakes don’t fit a healthy lifestyle, think again! These Healthy Matcha Pancakes are made with eggs, bananas, and rolled oats! Featuring Sencha Naturals Organic Everyday Matcha Powder. Get ready for a green breakfast!

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Matcha Holiday Bark

A festive holiday recipe for chocolate bark using our signature matcha powder. Also makes a great gift!

This easy 2-ingredient recipe (plus toppings!) is your new holiday go-to. We use white chocolate chips as the base, providing a sweetness and color to complement the vibrant green of our Organic matcha powder. We top it all off with red and white fruits to signify the holiday season, for a bright & cheery treat you’ll make year after year. Happy holidays from the Sencha family!

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Matcha Boba Tea

Make your own "bubble tea" with our easy matcha boba recipe! Sweet & chewy tapioca pearls are the highlight of this creamy, flavorful, tactile culinary sensation. Our recipe incorporates matcha green tea powder for a satisfying umami flavor and added nutrient boost.

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Matcha Rice Krispy Treats

Organic matcha green tea-infused Rice Krispy Treats! A simple and delicious matcha recipe in only 5 steps. Your favorite childhood dessert is your new adult indulgence with the addition of coconut oil and green tea powder. We infused traditional puffed rice cereal with Sencha Organic Matcha, and substituted butter with MCT-rich coconut oil for an added nutrient boost. Who knew Rice Krispy could be so sophisticated?

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Easy Matcha Latte Recipe

The easiest matcha latte recipe to get your green tea fix! We combine matcha and milk with just a bit of sweetener, and provide extra helpful tips at the bottom so you can adjust the recipe to your liking. Enjoy!

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Dreamy Matcha Milkshake

A super creamy milkshake-style smoothie to satisfy your green tea cravings! This simple and versatile recipe looks like a smoothie but tastes like a milkshake! Frozen bananas are blended with creamy vanilla protein and non-dairy milk to create a rich, smooth delight. A dash of matcha green tea adds superfood nutrients, while spinach doubles the greens in this recipe! A not-so-guilty pleasure to enjoy anytime.

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Chocolate Matcha Cups

Satisfy your sweet tooth with all-natural chocolate green tea cups! Alternating layers of chocolate and coconut cream are infused with nutrient-rich matcha powder for an antioxidant powerhouse! Who knew chocolate could be a guilt-free indulgence?

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