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Matcha inspired since 2001, starting with the first green tea mint...

David Kerdoon founded Sencha Naturals in 2001 after an eye-opening journey through Asia. Upon his return, David felt there was this void that needed to be filled- people in the US seemed to only be drinking green tea, missing out on so many potential uses. David soon began collaborating with tea masters and connoisseurs to herbalists and food formulators- finally resulting in the birth of the original Green Tea Mints.

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We like to keep things...

Vegan & Plant-Based

We keep all of our products vegan to accommodate non-dairy drinkers and support the environment.

Nothing Artificial

We never use artificial colors, flavors or dyes. Our green is all natural!

Low or No Sugar

We try to minimize the amount of refined sugar in our products. All of our products stay below 9g of added sugars.

Premium Quality

We only use our Everyday Matcha or Emperor Matcha in our products. Other brands will use low grade to mitigate costs in special "blended" matcha products.

About Our Everyday Matcha?™

Directly sourced from Kagoshima, Japan

We have been sourcing our matcha since 2001 from organic family farms in Kagoshima, Japan.

Packed in Los Angeles, California*

We pack all of our products in house in our Los Angeles facility so we can ensure quality until the very last step.

1st & 2nd Harvest Matcha Green Tea Powder

We use a unique blend of 1st & 2nd harvest matcha green tea powder so that we can...

Certified Organic & Certified Non-GMO

Our matcha has been tested for radiation, heavy metals, and pesticides for worry-free consumption.

How Do You Matcha?

Matcha is more than just teas and lattes.

Create, innovate & share your favorite matcha inspired recipes.

Matcha Lemon Poppy Chia Pudding Recipe

Made with Matcha Lemonade

Matcha Yogurt Bowl

Made with Everyday Matcha™

Immunity Iced Matcha Tea

Made with Matcha + C

Matcha Smoothie Cubes

Made with Everyday Matcha™

How do WE matcha? 🍵

Our dedicated team of matcha-people all enjoy the matcha in their own unique ways. Check out how we matcha and let us know what you think!

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