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How Do You

“Our mission is to provide matcha-inspired products to all with affordable, easy to use, and innovative creations.”

Company History

It all started with a journey...

David Kerdoon founded Sencha Naturals in 2001 after an eye-opening journey through Asia. While traveling, David became fascinated by this whole world of green tea, being used in ways beyond the typical- i.e. leaves and water, in everything from savory snacks and skin care to candies and cookies. 

The goal was to create a socially-responsible company with green tea inspired products that are easy to use and accessible. At Sencha Naturals, we continue to re-imagine the way green tea is being used, while at the same time, doing our part to take care of our community and by extension, the environment- creating better for you (and the planet) products.

Certified B-Corp Since 2012

Instead of being the best in the world, how about being the best for the world?

In 2012, we joined a community of 1000+ companies around the globe that are proudly certified as B Corporations. B Corporations focus on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate accountability. They are changing the modern economic landscape and encouraging others to "B the Change." The wide-ranging community consists of major corporations, one-person startups, and everything in between. Companies like Patagonia, Method, Etsy, Seventh Generation, and of course us at Sencha Naturals, are all aligned for a bigger purpose.

As a certified B Corporation, we believe that every company, no matter how small, can make a difference. We take the sustainable road less traveled, and measure success beyond profits. We volunteer in our community, give back to various charities, work with local & sustainable suppliers, use biodegradable & recyclable packaging materials, and participate in micro-lending programs to give opportunities to those less fortunate. 

Come join in! To become a B Corp yourself, or to find other B Corps that you can support.

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Social Responsibility Promise

Maybe we’re idealistic, but we feel that even the tiniest company has the potential to bring about significant positive change. We've been lucky enough to watch our company grow globally, and now we're happy to give back any way we can. At Sencha Naturals, we feel we have a responsibility to our community, on both locally and globally. Here in Los Angeles, we take part in regular B Corp & volunteer events, as well as donating to global charities.