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We’d be fools to think our vibrant green packaging and leaf-shaped mints didn't catch your eye- but there’s a lot more to us than our just good looks. Its what’s on the inside that counts, and we’re proud to say we've carefully sourced all materials from our green tea, right down to our labels and glue.

As a certified B Corp, we strive to care for the planet any way we can, and believe our green color represents so much more than green tea, it represents our green values. We challenge ourselves to use only what we need when it comes to finite resources like natural gas, electricity, and water (hello, CA drought..), with this vision, that even as a small company, we can still make the world a better place. We analyze our power usage on a monthly basis, run our conditioning and heat on timers, participate in recycling programs, taking extra care to recycle batteries and potentially hazardous materials in the appropriate facilities. Solar energy currently makes up about 80% of our operations.

We have an expectation that our suppliers share our values; meaning, eco-friendly, ethically produced materials, free of GMOs and suspect additives. We are committed to “buying local” as much as we can; giving priority to those nearby (75% of our suppliers are operating within our region) in a concerted effort to reduce fuel consumption, while simultaneously supporting local economies.

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