Proud to be a B-Corp

Instead of being the best in the world, how about being the best for the world?

In 2010, we joined a community of 900+ companies around the globe that are proudly certified as B Corporations. A new type of company that focuses on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate accountability, B Corporations are changing the modern economic landscape and encouraging others to "B the Change." The wide-ranging community consists of major corporations, one-person startups, and everything in between. Companies like Patagonia, Method, Etsy, Seventh Generation, and of course us at Sencha Naturals, are all aligned for a bigger purpose.

As a certified B Corporation, we believe that every company, no matter how small, can make a difference. We take the sustainable road less traveled, and measure success beyond profits. We volunteer in our community, give back to various charities, work with local & sustainable suppliers, use biodegradable & recyclable packaging materials, and participate in micro-lending programs to give opportunities to those less fortunate. 

Come join in! To become a B Corp yourself, or to find other B Corps that you can support, visit