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Green Tea Benefits 101

Matcha has been getting a lot of publicity lately, but it is really that good for you? Well, yes! Studies are indeed showing the efficacy of green tea and matcha powder in a variety of lab experiments. Here are just a few promising benefits to hopefully get you started on your own matcha habit.

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Matcha Without the Ceremony

Our Everyday Matcha powder is perfect for your daily green tea and countless easy recipes.

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An Introduction To Matcha Green Tea

What is Matcha? Matcha refers to green tea leaves that are finely-ground into a powder, which is then mixed into hot water to make tea. It can also be used in countless recipes to add a boost of flavor, natural color, and added nutrients.

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September 29, 2020

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Matcha Preparation: Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve got matcha powder and are ready to use it! Now what? How exactly do you use this verdant green delight? Here are some insider tips on using matcha green tea in all your favorite recipes!

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Matcha vs. Tea Bags: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between matcha and regular tea bags?

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Back to School Matcha!

Our Story

Our love for matcha was inspired by the travels and goals of our founder, David Kerdoon. While traveling through Asia, David immersed himself in the culture. While there, he was inspired by the extensive use of matcha in Japan. David began to think of different ways this could be integrated into unique products he was seeing all the benefits that matcha had firsthand. Upon returning to America, he noticed people were really only drinking green tea. They were missing out on so many more potential benefits!

At Sencha Naturals, we create Matcha inspired products! We source our Matcha directly from Organic Japanese tea farms. We believe in Green tea For All so we source the highest quality matcha for the best price.

Back to School with Matcha by your Side

Save 15% on all our products this month! 

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