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Matcha Without the Ceremony

Matcha Without the Ceremony

For hundreds of years, matcha was reserved for special tea ceremonies and enjoyed exclusively by nobility and Zen monks. Not anymore! We’ve taken this previously high-class luxury and made it accessible for everyday enjoyment. 

matcha green tea powder

We conceived our Everyday Matcha with the modern lifestyle in mind. Now you can enjoy this popular green tea powder in everything from morning lattes to fun dessert recipes, no fancy rituals or tools required.

As a “culinary grade” green tea, our Everyday Matcha can be used in countless recipes, both sweet & savory or hot & cold. A general rule for serving size is using 1 teaspoon of matcha for every 8 ounces of liquid.

Photo of 3 types of green tea: A clear glass of green tea latte on the left, a breakfast bowl of green tea pudding covered in chia seeds, banana slices, and dried fruits in the middle, and a clear glass green tea iced Frappuccino on the right

And instead of using a bamboo whisk or other traditional matcha tools to prepare tea, whatever you have in your kitchen will also work. A milk frother or electric whisk are perfect! 

A handy tip is to think of matcha like cocoa powder. It’s a natural plant product that adds rich color, flavor, and nutrients to all kinds of recipes. And just like cocoa powder, matcha may need to be sifted as you’re adding it to recipes, to avoid clumping. This is why smoothie recipes are very popular with matcha use, as the blender does all the mixing for you.

A photo of a clear glass blender carafe containing a green tea smoothie mix

What’s the benefit of matcha, anyway? As a whole-leaf green tea, matcha powder contains natural caffeine, about ½  as much as coffee. But unlike coffee, matcha doesn’t cause jitters or feelings of anxiety.

This is because matcha contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which has been shown to provide a calming effect on the body. This combo of caffeine + L-Theanine means you get a relaxed focus, or a sense of sustained energy without the crash. This is why Zen monks have used matcha tea for hundreds of years, to meditate without falling asleep!

A photo of a dark silhouette of a person in a yoga position, with hands raised above the head in prayer position, sitting with legs crossed in lotus position, taken at sunset, with trees and a temple in the background

Of course, for those of you who want a more traditional touch to your daily matcha, we also offer a Ceremonial grade green tea for your own matcha ceremony.

A photo of an arrangement of green tea items, including a small silver tin of Sencha Naturals matcha green tea powder on the left, a small bowl of matcha green tea powder on the top center, a small cup of liquid green tea on the bottom center, a small wooden spoon on the right, and a bamboo whisk above the spoon.

Check out our entire line of matcha green tea powders to start incorporating this versatile nutrient boost into your everyday life.

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