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Our farming practices

While many Asian countries have begun harvesting matcha due to its increased popularity, Japan remains the most reliable source for this fine green tea powder. 

All of our Sencha Naturals matcha is organically harvested in the rich soils of Japan. This island nation has hundreds of years of tried & tested methods for precise matcha processing, has prime soil conditions in its volcanic regions, has rigorous quality control measures in place, and has produced green tea with the highest nutrient values compared to other tea-growing countries. For this reason, we source all of our matcha exclusively from Japan.

We work directly with small tea farmers in the lush Kagoshima region. Kagoshima is an ancient seaside town under the watchful eye of an active volcano. This volcanic region provides rich soils that are perfectly primed for nutrient-dense green tea.

Our regional growers specialize in sustainable organic farming practices and harvesting methods to produce the freshest quality matcha at the best value. These multi-generational farmers have passed on their traditional harvesting techniques throughout the decades, ensuring that the finely-tuned art of matcha production and harvesting is preserved for years to come.


Our Matcha Grades: Explained

If you’re a fan of matcha, chances are you’ve heard terms like ceremonial, premium, culinary, teahouse, and more thrown around when it comes to matcha grades. We know it can be overwhelming, so we simplified it down to two of our favorite grades.

Emperor's Matcha AKA Ceremonial

First up, we have Emperor’s Matcha, also known as ceremonial matcha. This grade of matcha is the highest quality and is often used in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan. The leaves used for ceremonial matcha are harvested from the first harvest, known as Ichibancha. This results in a bright green color and a smooth, sweet taste with a hint of umami. If you’re a matcha enthusiast who enjoys drinking it straight or in an elevated latte, our Emperor's Matcha may be the best choice for you.

Everyday Matcha AKA Premium

Next up, we have Everyday Matcha. This grade of matcha is perfect for those who enjoy matcha in their daily routine but aren’t necessarily looking for the highest quality or to break the bank. Everyday Matcha is a blend of leaves harvested from both the first and second harvests, known as Ichibancha and Nibancha. By blending these two types of leaves, you get a well-rounded and delicious matcha powder that is perfect for making matcha lattes or adding to your morning smoothie.