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March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Celebrate with Matcha!

matcha pancakes

It's St. Patricks Day! You know what that means, all green everything! At Sencha Naturals we love the color green, after all, it is the color of our matcha. This morning as a St. Patricks Day treat we decided to whip up some matcha coconut pancakes with some homemade whipped cream.

It's super easy to do at home for any occasion and all you need are a few ingredients. You can make your own pancake batter, but we used a pre-mixed one with toasted coconut for a special twist.

How we did it

Use any pancake mix, we recommend coconut or vanilla and add a tablespoon of matcha into the water you mix in, to sneak some antioxidants into your pancakes. Make pancakes and top with homemade whipped cream, your favorite syrup, and a sprinkle of matcha to make this fun-colored breakfast. These sweet pancakes pair great with a cup of matcha tea to balance out the sweetness.

Save 15% on all our products this month, including our culinary grade matcha during March Matcha Madness. Try some matcha in your next culinary adventure, we’d love to see what you come up with. Tag @SenchaNaturals in your green tea experiments!

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March 01, 2017

Mad About Matcha: our Origin Story

Mad About Matcha: our Origin Story

This month we're having our March Matcha Madness promotion that's 15% off all our products. Since everything's made with organic Japanese matcha as our key ingredient we wanted to write about how everything got started and how matcha inspired everything we do at Sencha Naturals.

made with organic Japanese matcha

Where It All Began

Matcha hasn’t always been on the top of the health food craze list. Over the years, it has gained more prominence as its incredible health benefits have become more well known.

Our love for matcha was inspired by the travels and goals of our founder, David Kerdoon. Throughout his travels through Asia, David immersed himself in the culture. Inspired by the extensive use of matcha, David began to think of different ways this could be integrated into unique products. Firsthand, he saw the benefits that matcha had. Upon returning to America, he noticed people were really only drinking green tea. They were missing out on so many more potential benefits!

Matcha is shade grown green tea where the bright green leaves are steamed, dried and then ground into a fine powder. This results in matcha retaining all its nutrients and, due to its powdered state, being incredibly versatile as well. This led to the inspiration that getting your green tea fix could now be easy and convenient.

Our mission is “Green tea for all”, which for us means taking tea out of the traditional ceremony and instead going for convenience so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

First Came Mints

First Came Mints

When David returned from Asia, ways to incorporate matcha were on the brain. Having a friend who made mints, they collaborated and the matcha mints were born. As the vision for matcha has grown, so has the flavor profiles for our mints! We offer mints that are sugar free, while our other mints have unrefined coconut sugar.

Fresh breath is important. Whether you’re in a meeting, hanging out with friends, or on a first date, you’ll want to have fresh breath. When mints have too much added sugar, it outweighs the benefit of fresh breath. Our matcha green tea mints were formulated to ditch the sugar that doesn’t help- and add in sugar that make it sweet but is still a good treat for you! Unrefined coconut sugar has a low glycemic index which means they won't spike your blood sugar but help to add a sweet finish to our mints.

Then Comes Wellness!

Then Comes Wellness!

It’s always been popular to give your immune system the boost when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Throughout his travels, David had noticed the healing powers that reside in green tea and matcha, but everyone reached for a packet of Emergen-C or took Airborne to ward off illness. Those were mostly sugar and synthetic vitamins so it was time to make our own vitamin C drink mix with a matcha boost! Our Green Tea +C drink mix was born.

Synthetic vitamins play a big role in the wellness drinks on the market. With our commitment to whole foods and clean drinks, we turned to whole foods to create our wellness formula. Our main ingredient in fighting any cold, anytime, is matcha powder. From there we added in ginger, acerola cherry, and immune boosting herbs to help give your immune system the support it needs. We didn’t include any sugar or any artificial additives- this one is one lean, mean, cold fighting machine without it!

Next Came Lattes…

Next Came Lattes…

Lattes are a delicious way to start your mornings. Unfortunately, too many lattes provide that morning jolt with lots of added sugar and other artificial and processed ingredients. We couldn’t find lattes that ditched all of the unnecessary diglycerides and hydrogenated extras. So it was time to develop our own version with all the good stuff and none of the bad.

We wanted to create a latte that could be enjoyed at any time of day and provide all the health benefits that matcha has to offer! Our goal led to the creation of our Matcha Lattes. Enjoyed hot, our vegan matcha lattes provide a wonderful morning wake up call. Even on a warm day, you can pour your matcha latte over ice for the perfect afternoon pick me up.

Expanding the matcha flavor profile makes the choices more fun. You can always opt for original, which was our first kitchen creation, or venture with our other flavors - Tropical Mango and Bombay Chai.

Lattes are traditionally made with milk. With more people cutting dairy out of their day to day lives, we wanted to come up with a recipe that still had the same smooth and creamy finish of a latte but without the dairy. That’s why our matcha lattes are completely vegan. This way, everyone can enjoy!

What Will You Create?

What Will You Create?

Different ways to create with matcha has always been the cornerstone of our company and the fun that we have in the kitchen. We wanted to give you the chance to bring matcha into your kitchen and create new ways to incorporate matcha into your culinary adventures!

Our culinary grade matcha powder makes the perfect addition to any kitchen creation you can think of. You can add matcha powder to waffle batter to add a little boost of green tea antioxidants to Saturday morning waffles. It’ll also make a great addition to your next baking creation. You get all the benefits matcha has to offer without worrying about any bitter taste - our matcha blends perfectly with every flavor.

Not sure where to start? Try this super simple cookie recipe below! Then visit our page with other matcha recipe ideas. Let us know what you create, by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram @senchanaturals.

Green Tea Cookies

Green Tea Cookies

For detailed step-by-step instructions view the full recipe here:

We’re putting creation in your hands! Enjoy 15% off sitewide this month! 




February 01, 2017

Boost Your Immune System with Natural Vitamin C

Boost Your Immune System with Natural Vitamin C

February is known for more than just Valentine’s Day. It also marks the peak of flu season. Whether you’ve been healthy since last year, or you’ve already battled your first cold of the year, it’s time to get prepared to take on the flu.

If you’ve just been taking fizzy drinks with sugar and synthetic vitamins, you may be in for a sleepless night when the flu hits! You’re going to want to be your strongest on the inside to combat any virus that’s headed your way. Whole food nutrition packs the punch you need to battle against any sickness this winter. Our first ingredient on the list? Matcha green tea.

When you’re starting to feel a little under the weather you’ll want something to quickly boost your immune system. With easily absorbed vitamin C, your body will be able to process and reap the benefits of the power of vitamin C in our Green Tea +C. This way, you’ll be on the road to feeling your best in no time. Whole nutrition helps play a large role too, which is why it’s so important to include that in your go-to cold remedy drink. Other immune boosting drinks you’ll find ascorbic acid- which is listed as Vitamin C. Extracted and isolated from a sugar molecule found in corn, it’s missing important micronutrients that help for maximum absorption in your system.

Immune support shouldn’t be complicated. With our traditional herbal blend of ginger, turmeric and orange peel, your immune system will be fully functioning. Adding sugar or fructose to your drinks may make you feel sweeter, but it doesn’t do much to help support a healthy immune system. Sugar can’t deliver the way that vitamin C can. It won’t help provide that extra edge you need to overcome whatever February brings your way, whether it’s new love or a new flu. There’s no need to add any more sugars!

The C in our Green Tea +C stands for vitamin C as well as its natural source, the powerful acerola cherry. This tiny fruit contains more vitamin C by weight than an orange! Not only do you get powerful antioxidants from this small but mighty cherry, you’ll also get an immune boost. This way, you can keep up with all your other new year’s resolutions- including staying active!

Getting ample exercise this winter is crucial to being strong inside and out to combat any colds. Mix your Green Tea +C into your coconut water, pre or post workout for an extra boost of electrolytes. It’ll add some great flavor and keep you hydrated longer. During the winter when the weather is sometimes frightful and a bit dry, staying on top of your hydration is important. Plus, with our green tea +C you’ll also be on top of keeping your immune system in top shape.

Ditch the fructose, artificial sweeteners and ascorbic acid for something a little more whole to keep you feeling your best this winter. Our Green Tea +C is always vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and sugar free. We think you’re sweet enough.

Even sweeter, save 15% off Green Tea +C now through February 28th.





New Year, Mightier Matcha

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha powder is one mighty mix that you can add to a variety of kitchen creations. We’re most familiar with matcha powder mixed in with our green teas to enjoy in a warm or iced drink. Our premium grade organic Japanese matcha powder can be used in your favorite drink or our culinary grade matcha powder can be added to any cooking or baking adventure you go on. Matcha brownies? Matcha pancakes? The sky's the limit for what you can create and give a health boost too, just by mixing in some matcha powder.

So what make Matcha so powerful? Matcha is shade grown green tea. It’s then steamed and ground into a fine powder. As this is the only tea in which the whole leaf is consumed, matcha contains more antioxidants than its steeped counterpart. Green tea has antioxidants in it- matcha is simply a powerful enhancement of this antioxidant power due to the process it undergoes before it lands on your pantry shelf.

Healthy Resolutions

When we think of the New Year, a lot of times health comes up on the list of resolutions. There’s no need to stress about how you’ll find the time this new year to make health a priority. Health and convenience can go hand in hand! Matcha Powder becomes the simple solution for wondering how to start your new year on the healthy foot. Whether you prefer to take your matcha cold or warm, or in your morning waffles, you’ll indulge your body to antioxidants and an increased focus for your day. By adding the mighty powder to a variety of drinks, smoothies, cooking recipes, and baking creations, you can get your New Year started the healthy way.

It’s time to give your brain some much needed love too. With all the new goals that the New Year brings, you’ll want to be on your A game. Matcha Powder helps with improved memory and concentration, giving you that extra boost to take on any task in your day.

Matcha Sippin’

Maybe coffee isn’t your morning drink of choice. With Matcha Powder, you can add this to your favorite morning smoothie. This powder can help you start the day off right, as it helps to detoxify the body and increase energy levels. It’s like drinking coffee, but with the added benefit of boosting memory and concentration! This can help you take on the New Year in full force.

Or, perhaps, you’re craving a morning routine with simplicity. With our Matcha Powder, the well-rounded flavor holds its own to drink alone. You don’t always need a complicated beverage order to enjoy the benefits from sipping on matcha. Sometimes all you need is your favorite mug.

Cookin’ with Matcha

Cookin’ with Matcha

Sometimes our food needs a boost too. You can add this culinary grade powder to a wide variety of other creations, maybe even your Saturday morning pancakes! Start the year off with your strongest immune system yet. Matcha Powder helps to fortify your immune system so that you can ward off any cold, anytime.

A lot of the “culinary” grade matcha on the market today are typically disguised as a lower grade matcha that has a bitter taste to it. We wanted our matcha powder to be added to any recipe you can think of without a distracting flavor or taste. We use high quality matcha, which is most notably known for the rich green color. The higher quality matcha will also deliver higher quality benefits- it’s a win-win!


What Will You Create?

With a variety of ways to incorporate matcha powder into your daily routine in the kitchen, the creative possibility is endless. Here’s one of our favorite go-to recipes that we enjoy mixing a little matcha into:

Vegan Sugar Cookies
By Namiko Chen

What You’ll Need

  • 2 cups self raising flour, sifted
  • ⅔ cup sugar
  • 1 stick vegan butter
  • 2 Tbsp. powdered green tea (or 1 Tbsp. Matcha)
  • 4-5 tsp. applesauce


  1. In a bowl put self raising flour, sugar, vegan butter, and powdered green tea (or Matcha).
  2. Crumb together the dry ingredients with the butter until the mixture resembles wet sand.
  3. Now add 1 tsp at a time applesauce to glue the dough together.
  4. The dough should resemble clay.
  5. Take small pieces of dough, shape them into balls and place on baking sheets.
  6. Put the baking sheets into the fridge for about 1 hour (or in the freezer for 30 minutes or more). Meanwhile heat the oven at 375F. Bake the cookies for 15 minutes.

View the full recipe:

New Year, new possibilities. In celebration of the New Year, we’re taking 15% off all Matcha Powders.




November 01, 2016

Pumpkin Chai Has Arrived!

Pumpkin Chai Has Arrived!

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and fall is in full swing. We’re trading in our fun summer drinks for fall spices. Bundle up, because we’re spicing up our matcha latte line: our special edition Pumpkin Chai is available for a limited time this November.

‘Tis the season for the pumpkin spice latte though, right? With pumpkin on the brain, we wanted to bring those flavors to the side of wellness with all natural ingredients and good-for-you organic matcha. Instead of being curious about what you’re drinking, you can sip on our special edition Pumpkin Chai Matcha Latte this month.

Our matcha lattes are bringing the best of both worlds together: convenience and health. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or quality. You can make your matcha latte in your own kitchen.

What About My Green Tea Latte?

Our lattes put the focus on health, helping you avoid over-processed and sugary lattes this season. Our Pumpkin Chai latte still has all the benefits of matcha and green tea, but also packs in the delicious pumpkin and chai flavor notes. Matcha is ground whole leaf green tea, meaning this is one powerful antioxidant. This powder will also give you an energy boost that will certainly help keep you alert during your morning meetings! Although matcha has been around for a while, it was not until recent years that this multi-tasking powder made its way onto health blogs and into mainstream stores. To ensure you get the highest quality, we only use organic Japanese matcha.

Make Time for a Pumpkin Latte

The average American life is hectic. It’s a constant on the go, off to work, daily affair. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, we’re sure your days are only getting busier. Our matcha lattes are the perfect companions to busy days and long commutes. By just mixing hot or cold water with your matcha latte mix, you’ll be out the door faster than waiting in your local coffee shop line. You don’t have to sacrifice your morning latte ritual just because you’re out of time or don’t feel like you’ve had the training to make one. Just mix our matcha latte powder together with water and you’ll feel like a pro.

Experts are forecasting cold, snowy winters to the north. They’re also calling for dry, hot winters to the south. So, for days where you feel like you need a scarf, you can mix your pumpkin chai latte with hot water. For days where you need an escape from the heat, you can easily make the mix iced.

Your wallet is going to thank you once you start playing barista at home. Save all your extra coffee shop money and treat yourself to something nice this upcoming holiday season.

Falling in Love with Vegan

If you fall into the category of individuals who have dietary restrictions, we’ve got you covered. In addition to providing some amazing health benefits, our lattes are vegan. That’s right- for everyone trying to avoid dairy but still wanting to savor that indulgent latte, this is for you. We don’t use any strange artificial dairy alternative either. We’re not trying to recreate dairy. We’ve scouted out the best ingredients to keep our lattes creamy, yet healthy. It’s what we do.

Have you been concerned about dairy and dairy by products in the past with other brands you’ve tried? We can ease your mind. You won’t find any in our recipe. You won’t have to settle for soy or highly processed almond milks anymore either. We know that finding vegan products that remain delightfully creamy is difficult. However, our matcha lattes contain algae flour which lends its hand to creating a creamy finish. We mix this with our non-dairy coconut based creamer to nail down that creamy taste you’ve been dreaming of. This way you get the creaminess with none of the byproducts. Win-win.

Coconuts for Coconut Sugar

With simple ingredients that you can pronounce, our matcha lattes are sure to delight your taste buds with all natural ingredients. Organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, algae flour, organic matcha powder, and green tea complete our core list of ingredients. Algae flour may be one of the most magical ingredients that we include in the mix: this multi- component food ingredient delivers fiber, protein and monounsaturated fats. This gives you all the nutritional benefits of dairy, including that indulgent, creamy finish that you’ve been missing from your non-dairy lattes.

It’s tough to avoid sugar during the holiday season, especially with sugar laden Halloween looming in the distance. Why not start avoiding sugar with your morning drink of choice? That’s why we’re also bringing in coconut sugar. It’s has really been garnering a lot of attention recently too. If you’ve wondered why, it’s because coconut sugar is the healthier unrefined alternative to your former friend, refined sugar. The low glycemic index of coconut sugar will prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels. This usually leads to an ultimate crash later in your day, which you most likely want to avoid. Plus, the less processed something is the better for you it becomes!


We know you’ll like our Pumpkin Chai Matcha…a whole latte this season. Get one free with orders of $35 or more during the month of November.





October 01, 2016

vitamin c ›

Made in L.A. But Not Artificially Enhanced

Made in L.A. But Not Artificially Enhanced

We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins. Whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, coconut water, and supporting herbs to help you stay well.





Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry


Vitamin C from Ascorbic Acid 



Green Tea +C gets its “C” from Acerola cherry, a tiny fruit resembling a cherry tomato that contains more vitamin C by weight than an orange. Coconut water powder provides electrolytes to re-hydrate and replenish, while ginger, turmeric & orange peel work together as a traditional immune support blend.


Matcha green tea and vitamin C are sort of like best buddies, they support each other to make each one a little better than before! We blended whole-leaf tea & whole-food sourced vitamin C, added immune-supporting spices like ginger & turmeric, and left out the sugar & artificial chemicals to give you a clean, natural boost for daily wellness.


Before you reach for your usual packet of a certain vitamin C fizzy drink, be aware that it's over 50% sugar! Fructose, sugar, cane sugar (whatever the ‘hip’ name is these days) suppresses the immune system. It's kind of like adding a sugar packet to water, along with synthetic vitamins and chemical flavors. Doesn't sound so healthy anymore, does it? Our Green Tea +C is sugar-free and contains whole-food & whole-vitamin ingredients that your body actually recognizes, for optimum immunity & daily wellness.


Synthetic vitamins are considered by many to be "scientifically identical" to those found in nature, but our bodies have trouble absorbing them, because they don’t actually recognize them as food. Lab-made vitamins are missing important components that make a vitamin, well... a vitamin; nutrients are isolated and the vitamin compound is separated from the other parts whereas, naturally occurring vitamins are made up of many different elements- enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, and activators, essential for complete, whole food nutrition.


Certain fizzy drinks talk a big vitamin C game, boasting something like 2600% of your daily value, but the truth is your body can’t absorb anywhere near that amount. It’s simply too much of a so-called “good” thing. Ascorbic acid is essentially only the outer layer of a vitamin, and is missing the important “helper” nutrients that maximize absorption. This means that only a small fraction of that 2600% of vitamin C is even absorbed into the body, and the rest goes to waste. On the other hand, the vitamin C in Green Tea +C comes from Acerola Cherry, a whole food source that the body can recognize and absorb efficiently.









September 01, 2016

Back to Wellness

Back to Wellness

September is a time of a lot of “back to’s.” Back to school, back to work, back to fall...which can also mean back to bad habits, back to stress and back to cold and flu season. Let’s change that.

This September we’re leaving that all behind and saying Back to Wellness! To help keep you well this month, we’re giving you 15% off all Sencha Naturals products. Learn how to introduce our matcha based collection into your daily routine, and stay well this September!

Green Tea Mints - Naturally Inhibits Bad Breath

You’re most likely well aware of the seemingly endless list of green tea benefits which includes everything from younger looking skin to cancer prevention. But we think one of the most practical benefits is the antibacterial properties. Thanks to a particular polyphenol called EGCG, green tea helps fight oral bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay, and even fight the cold causing germs in your nose and throat! Looking for an easy way to get your dose of green tea? Try popping a few of our great tasting mints made with Matcha Green Tea Powder, and start enjoying the benefits.

Matcha Latte Mix - The Matcha Better Option

Nothing is more comforting than curling up with a creamy latte, but a second look at the ingredients will make you think again. Whether you’re sipping a foamy latte from your favorite coffee shop, or mixing up your own at home, chances are your mug is full of refined sugars, dairy, diclycerides, and artificial flavors–not to mention it can cost you upwards of 250 calories. We love lattes, which is why we created a much healthier alternative. Not only does it have the antioxidant power of matcha, but it’s also sweetened with coconut sugar and completely vegan. Thanks to coconut oil and algae flour, our lattes have the creamy richness we all love, but without the ingredients we don’t. So mix up a decadent hot or iced latte and stay well.

Green Tea +C - The Blend With Benefits

What’s the first thing that you reach for when you feel a cold coming on? Please don’t say one of those fizzy drink mixes packed with sugar and synthetic vitamins! Instead try Green Tea +C, a more efficient and natural alternative. Inspired by whole food nutrition, Green Tea +C uses organic matcha for healing antioxidants, the acerola cherry for an easily absorbed source of vitamin C, coconut water powder for a boost of electrolytes, and a traditional herbal blend of ginger, turmeric and orange peel for immune support. With nutrient rich ingredients like these, who needs fructose, artificial sweeteners or ascorbic acid?

There’s so much to look forward to this season...and we want you to feel your best! Try adding some matcha to your daily routine and you’ll be Back to Wellness in no time.