Green Tea Mints - Moroccan Mint | Box of 12 Pocket Mints | Sencha Naturals

$ 23.40

The fresh-cut flavor of crisp peppermint and organic green tea Fight Dragon Breath like nothing else. These exhilarating mints are the strongest in our lineup. Now in a handy on-the-go pack, you'll be able to fight dragon breath anywhere!

Product Description

2 packets in each box. Each packet contains approximately 0.88 oz (25g) mints.

Green Tea

Matcha is shade grown green tea, steamed then ground into a fine powder. The only tea in which the whole leaf is consumed, matcha contains way more antioxidants than its steeped counterpart.

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Green Tea Mints Fight Dragon Breath

“Nature’s breath freshener,” green tea contains polyphenols- powerful antioxidants that inhibits the growth of oral bacteria.

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