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This green superfood is packed with benefits for overall health: mental focus, relaxation, immunity, and natural energy. See how this whole-leaf green tea can help meet your daily wellness goals.

Sencha Naturals

Organic Matcha Powder

Our Organic Japanese Matcha is perfect for a variety of uses for your everyday needs. Add it to a smoothie, blend it in a bowl, you can bake with it, or boost your favorite iced or hot beverage. For more culinary inspiration, see our recipes below!

Sencha Naturals

Costco Exclusive

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Organic Matcha Powder

Sencha Naturals | 12 oz bag | Servings: 225

Price: $19.99 ($0.09/serving)

100% Organic Japanese matcha green tea powder with a premium taste you don’t have to be an emperor to enjoy! We tasted countless grades of matcha to find the perfect balance of flavor and value. With a rich green color and well-rounded flavor, it makes a great cup of matcha or enhances any food or beverage.



We could all use an extra boost of healthy supergreens! Matcha green tea is full of special antioxidants that haven been shown to help prevent cell damage (such as that caused by pollution or natural aging), as well as reduce the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

Improved Cognition

Matcha contains naturally occuring caffeine and an amino acid named L-Theanine that work together to boost brain power. These two compounds help enhance brain function, memory, attention span, reaction time, and famously provide a sense of relaxed focus and keen concentration.

Weight Management

Multiple studies have shown that green tea helps increase fat loss during exercise, as well as increase the body’s natural metabolism. The increased fat burn may even last for 24 hours after consumption, and green tea helps maintain weight loss in the long run.

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What Our Customers Say

"I am a substitute teacher, infected with colds and viruses all the time and I am never sick. I use a tablespoon of Sencha Naturals matcha everyday in my morning blended beverage and I believe its antioxidant properties are keeping me well. I do not get a flu shot yet I do not get the flu even when exposed to it often. So many matcha products are cut with other stuff like rice making them cheaper but less effective. I'm a believer and a very satisfied customer."


"I've tried a variety of matcha blends/qualities and I am pleasantly surprised with the delicious taste and rich green color of this matcha. While browsing through Costco, the price of the matcha caught my eye so I decided to look up the Sencha Naturals website to see whether the matcha had been tested for radiation. I figured as long as it was, it wouldn't hurt to try! I made a latte with this powder earlier today and I am a happy customer! I am so glad Costco offers this product, you can't beat the price. Sencha Naturals have won a loyal customer!"


"I tried another brand and the taste was bitter. This matcha seems to have a more smooth taste and worked really well in making a matcha latte. The value is great and it says it's made in Japan and organic, so seems like a high quality product. I would buy again."


How To Use Matcha at Home

When your sweet tooth starts acting up, calm your cravings with this easy recipe!

Also known as “Bubble Tea,” boba is a type of tea latte made with chewy, edible tapioca pearls.

Your favorite childhood dessert is your new adult indulgence with the addition of coconut oil and green tea powder.

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