Sencha Naturals #2WeekMatchaChallenge

Sencha Naturals #2WeekMatchaChallengeEnergy & wellness without the caffeine crash! 

Our 2-Week Matcha Challenge is perfect for anyone that wants to see increased energy without the jitters that you get from coffee. In addition, the powerful Antioxidants in pure matcha have been known to have you feeling your best, keep skin clear and help fight free-radicals in your body.

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    2. Add Matcha to your morning routine every day for 2 weeks! We love sipping it pure or you can add it to smoothies, smoothie bowls, juice or anything you can think of! Learn how simple it is to make matcha like a pro. Featured: Everyday Matcha Starter Set: $19.95
    3. After 2 weeks you'll receive an exclusive BOGO deal for 1LB of matcha for you and a friend (or just yourself~ treat yourself!).
    4. Be sure to tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SenchaNaturals, and use the #matchachallenge so we can see your progress!
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