Green Tea Latte Ingredients

Your favorite treat just got a whole latte healthier; organic matcha, algae flour, coconut oil, coconut sugar. Just add water, give it a quick shake or stir, and its ready to drink in about 30 seconds. So, what makes our lattes, so creamy, so decadent- yet, so instant? Honestly, it’s all about thinking outside the box when it comes to our ingredients.


Coconut and Green Tea, The Perfect Matcha

Per usual, we took whole leaf green tea and found a fresh way to get your antioxidant fix, with no concentrates, diglycerides, or artificial flavors. Sweet, grassy notes of matcha are complemented by subtle hints of molasses and butterscotch from coconut sugar. Coconut sugar contains inulin, a fiber that helps slow glucose absorption and functions as a prebiotic, meaning it facilitates the growth of good, probiotic bacteria in the stomach. You’ll also get some basic nutritional standbys, like Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Potassium, as well as some additional antioxidants. Granted, you’d need a rather large quantity of coconut sugar to hit your recommended daily values- but there's no doubt its better to use a sugar that has more to offer than the promise of tooth decay.


Algae Flour- Our Creamy, Vegan Secret Weapon

We think this could be the “next big thing”- it's totally vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and, actually, completely allergen-free altogether. Originally developed for use as a bio-fuel, algae flour is a unique and incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used as a substitute for both eggs AND dairy. An ideal ingredient for those on the hunt for tasty vegan baked goods- without that cardboard-y texture that gives many plant-based options a bad reputation. Nutritionally speaking, algae flour is rich in protein, lipids, and micro-nutrients (trace minerals and vitamins that are required in tiny amounts by an organism), creating a texture quite like those wetter, animal based ingredients; eggs, dairy, or lard that can be so difficult to avoid.

No need to wait in line at a cafe for some of those sugary blended lattes. You can, for lack of a better expression, just chai this one at home.


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