Meet our Matcha

Matcha powder is the very heart and soul of every creation at Sencha Naturals, yet we still hear the question “so...what is matcha?” How, exactly, does this vibrant super-tea differ from traditionally brewed green tea leaves? Here’s a quick primer to bring you up to speed:



Land of the world’s longest life spans and tea growers with literally centuries of experience (growing tea since the 1200s!)- our matcha is sourced from the city of Kakegawa in the Shizuoka region of Japan, famous for its top-notch green teas.



Matcha begins with leaves lovingly grown in the shade, beneath screens and straw, reducing the rate of photosynthesis. Due to the lack of sunlight, the tea leaves are forced to work extra hard, trying to catch whatever glimmer of light they can- this process causes them to broaden and become darker- resulting in a bright green, nutrient rich tea, known as tencha.



After their time in the shade comes to an end, the leaves are picked late in the harvest, and subsequently steamed and dried. The dried leaves, known as Tencha, are then de-stemmed and stone ground into a fine powder- by the same process used over 800 years ago- why mess with a good thing?



Powdered, delicious, incredibly versatile. Matcha retains all nutrients found in the tea leaf, and not only contains more overall benefits, but is arguably more convenient than traditionally brewed tea. This powerful ingredient mixes well into everything from baked goods and smoothies, to lattes and immune support, and sure makes a mean, dragon breath-fighting mint.