Join our team! We're a tight-knit group of individuals passionate about green tea and healthy products. 

Our vision for Sencha Naturals has always been to take the sustainable road less traveled and measure success beyond profits. As a Certified B Corporation, we measure our social & environmental impact by transparent standards that go beyond the traditional road map.

Freelance Writer

We’re looking for a writer to bolster our content development, social media and advertising efforts. We envision having regular work on a monthly basis and separate project-based work as needed. We’d like to hire locally to be able to have regular strategy meetings but the work can be done remotely.

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Blog post for monthly promotion and product education
  • Email newsletter copy based on blog post - initial promotion email, mid-month educational email and end of month promo reminder.
  • Website promotion copy adapted from month’s theme for website use on homepage
  • Social media post copy for 8 - 10 posts for month to have about twice per week posts covering promotion, product info, education and promo reminders.
  • Advertising copy for Facebook, Google AdWords ads relating to monthly promotion

Examples of Project Based Work:

  • Updates to website description copy
  • Developing content for brochures and marketing materials
  • Copy for new product packaging and website descriptions
  • Writing for occasional social media contents and giveaways
  • Additional blog posts or website landing pages
  • SEO review and updates on website

You will work directly with our Creative Technologist who will provide overall strategy for marketing and advertising efforts, design elements for campaigns and technical assistance where needed.

You’re perfect for this job if:
You’re interested in (or already an expert in) green tea, natural foods and a healthy lifestyle. We create better-for-you products based with matcha green tea and need a passionate, knowledgeable person to help spread the word and engage with our customers online. Ideally looking for someone who understands the basics of nutritional ingredients/products.

You want your writing to help SEO but you know that the best way to do that is by creating unique, truly useful content that answers people’s questions and solves their problems. You love researching and learning new things - You know that getting great output requires great input such as finding original, thoughtful ways to explain the benefits of green tea and our matcha-based products.

You have a solid, repeatable writing process for creating high-quality copy - having spent countless hours writing, so you know how you best get work done and can explain your process to someone. And you know there’s always room for improvement so you continually hone your process.

Hiring process & how to apply:
Please submit relevant work samples and/or links to your portfolio and live examples of your work for review to with the subject line “Freelance Writer Position”. We will reach out to qualified candidates to discuss an initial paid writing assignment for evaluation.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that having diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our mission creates a greater impact. The work of our departments and programs is enhanced and improved by including a diverse range of voices and perspectives. We then infuse these values throughout our internal culture, systems, and practices.  Below are just a few examples:

* When hiring, we look for candidates of qualified applicants with different backgrounds and experiences
* Supporting efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion not only internally but across our sales promotions with clients and procurement with our vendors
* Encouraging internal conversations in which varying viewpoints can be expressed
* Celebrating a cultural day lunch to encourage diversity conversations among all staff
* Ensuring that we have considered the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the development of our processes and strategies