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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

It’s time to set your goals for the new year. Whether that’s to resolve to be healthier or to finally complete that project you’ve been working on, January is the time to reset and re-focus. With flu season here, it’s easy to catch a cold after the busy holiday season. Instead of choosing a sugar-laden fizzy drink, opt for something that will support your immune system! Green Tea +C combines natural immune supporting ingredients with matcha to provide everything you need in order to fight any cold.

Organic Japanese Matcha

Ginger Goodness

Although we love to enjoy ginger on its own, we use ginger in our Green Tea +C recipe for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is also naturally anti-bacterial, so it can help support your immune system fight off foreign invaders. This way you can start your year off healthy, knowing you have the immune support to back you up.

Amazing Acerola

When we think vitamin C, we typically think oranges. While oranges do provide a great dose of vitamin C, we’ve found its powerhouse counterpart, the acerola cherry. Packed with more vitamin C than an orange, this tiny but mighty cherry gives your immune system about 300% the daily value of vitamin C.

Mix It All with Matcha

Matcha is our staple immune support favorite. Antioxidant rich, green tea supports overall healthy body functions while helping to fight free radicals. This takes the pressure off your immune system so our other natural cold fighting ingredients can help you feel better in no time. Green Tea is also beneficial overall in strengthens your immune system. Even if you’re feeling your best, enjoying a cup of Green Tea +C will help keep your immune system strong and functioning properly. Plus, it’ll give you a nice energy boost to tackle your New Year goals.

We use only whole food ingredients, never artificial ingredients, and we ditched the sugar and replaced it with natural sweeteners. For your immune system to perform at its top function, ingredients like sugar just slow it down. When using natural ingredients that are laden with vitamins, there’s no need to add artificial ones. Natural immune support tastes great and promotes healthy immune function. It’s a win-win for your New Year.

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15% Off Pure Matcha

15% Off Pure Matcha

Our Premium Matcha Powder and Culinary Matcha Powder are also powerful aids to have on hand when your immune system goes south. Both are of the highest quality and each is the perfect compliment to either your morning drink routine or to your favorite baking treat. Replace your morning coffee with a homemade matcha latte, or just mix with water and enjoy! There are so many ways to add a boost of wellness with matcha we love adding it to smoothies and our favorite baked goods. Your immune system and overall health will thank you!

For good recipe ideas look at some of our favorite recipes!

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