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It’s love at first sip. Creamy, indulgent cacao sweeps you off your feet while tropical coconut delivers you on the island oasis you’ve been dreaming of. The grassy notes of matcha bring you back to your next sip. It’s the matcha combination you never realized was missing until now. Cacao Coconut is here in both our Matcha Latte mix and in mints!

Be Prepared to Fall in Love

We wanted to re-imagine our matcha blends and find something unique, perfectly sweet and packed full of healthy nutrients. This led us straight to cacao and coconut, bringing together our most unique and delicious flavor combination yet! The chocolate flavor in the latte blends together with one of our signature flavors, coconut, making it taste as though you’re sipping your favorite hot chocolate. Only there’s no refined sugars and tons of good-for-you vitamins! Cacao Coconut comes in mint form as well, with a slight twist to the flavor. A mint fit for dessert, it will leave your breath fresh with the slight hint of minty fresh on the finish. They’re so good, you’ll want to reach for one more!

Sweet Deal

We chose high-quality cacao. Normal cocoa powder undergoes chemical processing and roasting, which in turn, strips the cacao plant of antioxidants and flavanols. Both of these lost nutrients help to support a younger, healthier you. Raw cacao has an amazing nutrient dense profile. With up to 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, source of iron, and packed full of magnesium which helps support a healthy heart and brain, there’s a lot of health packed into this delicious treat.

Perfect for Two

Bring Cacao Coconut Mints to share after a dinner or if you need a mid-day sweet treat! Our mints are a favorite for sharing. Our Cacao Coconut mints blend together the sweet indulgence of chocolate with the tropical breeze of coconut, finished off by a tingling mint sensation. These mints will leave your breath fresh for hours as well as satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugars!

Share the Love

For the chocolate or coconut lover in your life, share Cacao Coconut Matcha Latte Mix & Mints with them! In the month of February, everything Cacao Coconut flavor is 20% off.

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