Get Your Green Tea Fix at Booth #4213 (Fancy Food) | Sencha Naturals

Get Your Green Tea Fix at Booth #4213 (Fancy Food)

NYC, we missed you, so we’re coming back.

Come by, say hello and see what’s new at Sencha Naturals from June 26th through June 28th at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Stop at booth #4213 and enjoy 15% off all our products!

Get Your Green Tea Fix at Booth


MATCHA!  Top Ten Superfood Trend of 2016.

The matcha craze is growing, and we couldn’t be happier. Green tea for all! We love showing our customers the health benefits they can reap from adding it to their daily routine. Try our organic matcha powder in a wide range of products from green tea mints to green tea lattes.

MATCHA!  Top Ten Superfood Trend of 2016

Goodbye, Refined Sugars...Hello Coconut!

We’re especially excited about our new eco-tube green tea mints, made with coconut sugar. Packaged in compostable tubes, our coconut sugar mints come in original, ginger lemongrass, sage peppermint and cardamom cinnamon. As with our original sugar-free green tea mints, you can still fight dragon breath, this time with coconut sugar!

Goodbye, Refined Sugars...Hello Coconut!


Better For You Ingredients!

  1. Our products only contain ingredients you can pronounce.
  2. Our Japanese organic matcha powder is in each and every product we make.
  3. None of our products contain refined sugars.

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    Brand Buddy Collaborator