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Introducing our New Keto Matcha Latte!


Two is Better Than One

Grab a latte for yourself….and your friend — or another for yourself, we don’t judge.

Working out with friends is more fun. Going on trips with friends is more fun. Working on personal new year’s goals is more fun (and more achievable) when you do it with a friend. Plus, it’s a lot easier to keep yourself accountable for going to that 6 am cycling class if you have a friend that you promised you’d pick up!

Start your early mornings off on a healthy foot, with minimal effort, by mixing up a Keto Matcha Latte! Hot or iced, you’ll still get the tasty benefits that our keto matcha latte can offer to you. With natural energy from matcha, MCT oil for your brain, and Coconut milk to round out the healthy fats, our keto lattes are an easy healthy morning treat for your body and brain.

So let’s dig into why we’ve combined MCT oil into our keto lattes. MCT stands for “medium-chain triglyceride,” which are medium-length chains of fats that are called triglycerides. What’s the benefit of these? The main benefit is MCT oil can be rapidly digested by the body (1). This can help your body take the MCT oil and rapidly turn it into energy. Waking up at 5 am and not looking like a zombie by 7 am just became a possible reality. Additionally, MCT oil can help promote weight loss and help to keep you feeling fuller for longer (2).  If all that isn't enough, the combination of MCT and Coconut oil can help improve brain function. Healthy fats make for a healthy and happy brain.

healthy and happy brain.

Our keto latte is also the perfect pre-workout drink to fuel your next high-intensity workout! MCT oil can help you increase fat burning during exercise (3). How’s that for being efficient?! It’s the healthy alternative to sugary pre-workout drinks and will help keep hunger at bay while you’re working hard. Sip on before or after with your work out bud!

While the keto supports the body and brain, matcha provides the focused energy without jitters and afternoon crashes. Our Keto Matcha Lattes are sugar-free, to help you and your friend avoid a sugar high and subsequent sugar crash! Matcha is natural energy that helps boost your concentration so you can knock out everything on your to-do list.

If you’ve decided to give up coffee this new year and have a friend who is ditching coffee with you, swap in Keto Matcha Lattes to keep both your moods elevated and provide increased energy to keep you alert throughout the day. The coffee withdrawal is tough…but easier with a friend!

This month buy one  Keto Matcha Latte get one 50% off. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab your new morning routine!


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Amanda Borodaty
Amanda Borodaty