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Boost Your Immune System with Natural Vitamin C

Boost Your Immune System with Natural Vitamin C

February is known for more than just Valentine’s Day. It also marks the peak of flu season. Whether you’ve been healthy since last year, or you’ve already battled your first cold of the year, it’s time to get prepared to take on the flu.

If you’ve just been taking fizzy drinks with sugar and synthetic vitamins, you may be in for a sleepless night when the flu hits! You’re going to want to be your strongest on the inside to combat any virus that’s headed your way. Whole food nutrition packs the punch you need to battle against any sickness this winter. Our first ingredient on the list? Matcha green tea.

When you’re starting to feel a little under the weather you’ll want something to quickly boost your immune system. With easily absorbed vitamin C, your body will be able to process and reap the benefits of the power of vitamin C in our Green Tea +C. This way, you’ll be on the road to feeling your best in no time. Whole nutrition helps play a large role too, which is why it’s so important to include that in your go-to cold remedy drink. Other immune boosting drinks you’ll find ascorbic acid- which is listed as Vitamin C. Extracted and isolated from a sugar molecule found in corn, it’s missing important micronutrients that help for maximum absorption in your system.

Immune support shouldn’t be complicated. With our traditional herbal blend of ginger, turmeric and orange peel, your immune system will be fully functioning. Adding sugar or fructose to your drinks may make you feel sweeter, but it doesn’t do much to help support a healthy immune system. Sugar can’t deliver the way that vitamin C can. It won’t help provide that extra edge you need to overcome whatever February brings your way, whether it’s new love or a new flu. There’s no need to add any more sugars!

The C in our Green Tea +C stands for vitamin C as well as its natural source, the powerful acerola cherry. This tiny fruit contains more vitamin C by weight than an orange! Not only do you get powerful antioxidants from this small but mighty cherry, you’ll also get an immune boost. This way, you can keep up with all your other new year’s resolutions- including staying active!

Getting ample exercise this winter is crucial to being strong inside and out to combat any colds. Mix your Green Tea +C into your coconut water, pre or post workout for an extra boost of electrolytes. It’ll add some great flavor and keep you hydrated longer. During the winter when the weather is sometimes frightful and a bit dry, staying on top of your hydration is important. Plus, with our green tea +C you’ll also be on top of keeping your immune system in top shape.

Ditch the fructose, artificial sweeteners and ascorbic acid for something a little more whole to keep you feeling your best this winter. Our Green Tea +C is always vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and sugar free. We think you’re sweet enough.

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Amanda Borodaty
Amanda Borodaty