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Bloomin' Blossoms

Bloomin' Blossoms

Cherry blossom 15% off

Maybe you’ve seen the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Washington D.C. Cherry blossoms are a tourist draw for areas like Washington D.C. and throughout East Asia. The trees are shed of their winter slumbers and bloom beautiful white-pink colored flowers. Widely used for centuries in East Asia and especially throughout Japan for their sweet flavoring, cherry blossoms really do mark a great beginning to spring. To celebrate our days being warmer, longer, and sunnier—we’re bringing the delectable flower to your kitchen!

In Japan, cherry blossom is widely celebrated for its delicate floral fragrance and it’s lightly sweet taste. The cherry blossom is commonly used to flavor honey, tea, cookies, and much more. Our use of cherry blossom brings an extra bit of sweetness to your next latte, or mint, but without any artificial sugars. Spring is sweet, but you don’t have to sacrifice health for it! With the new spring season upon us, we’ve decided to celebrate, by infusing cherry blossom into some of our favorite products.

One of our favorite additions is to our matcha lattes. For those warmer spring days that will eventually turn into hot summer ones, our drinks progress from hot to iced ones! Making your own homemade iced tea and lattes can take more time than you want to spend during the busy mornings. That’s why our matcha lattes are created with convenience in mind! It’s the perfect way to start your morning- simply pour the mix into water with ice and your iced matcha latte is ready to go. Our original green tea matcha flavor has always been a fan favorite, but now you can also enjoy our Cherry Blossom Matcha Latte. Still formulated with the powerful health benefits of matcha, we’re simply enhancing the flavor profile! This way you can still approach your days with more energy, enhanced concentration, and less artificial ingredients.  

With longer days, comes a naturally busier schedule. Our mints come in canisters that easily fit in your bag so that while you’re on the go, you’re ready for any social situation. Or, sometimes you need a little sweetness in your afternoon without reaching for the candy. Our Green Tea mints are infused with the flavor of spring- cherry blossoms! Deliciously sweet, our Green Tea Cherry Blossom mints pack the power of our original green tea with the added sweetness of cherry blossom. Our eco-tubes are environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials so no elements are the environment are harmed! The eco-tubes are slim and can fit in any bag so that your breath can be fresh any time of day on the go.

Our mints are formulated without the artificial sweeteners. We like to keep our recipes simple and healthy. Plus, with our cherry blossom flavor, you get the perfect amount of sweetness- there’s no need to add any more! Artificial sweeteners can cause an array of health problems, but most notably it can increase your blood sugar levels. That’s the main reason why we like to keep our mints sugar-free. This way you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, without worrying about what you’re putting into your body. With cherry blossom mints, you’ll even find yourself right in the springtime mood!

We’re excited that spring is officially here. Stop and smell the flowers by enjoying 15% off cherry blossom green tea mints and our cherry blossom matcha lattes.


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