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Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer months bring sunshine, longer days, and warmer weather. When it gets hot outside, it’s important to find ways to stay cool. Whether your summer season brings humidity or dry heat, here are our favorite ways to keep cool all summer long.  

Trade Hot for Iced

There’s something to be said about a hot cup o’ joe in the morning before your busy day. The familiar sound of the coffee maker going, the steady drip into your cup, and the steam wafting from the lip of the mug. However, when it’s nearing upper 80’s to 90’s outside, warming up on the inside sounds like the start of a heat wave. Instead, swap the hot for iced in the morning to keep you cool all day long. Our Matcha Lemonade goes perfectly with a few cubes and quick stir to add antioxidants and chill to your morning routine.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to forget to drink water especially when life is constantly on-the-go. Staying hydrated is easier when you use a reusable water bottle that you can refill as you go about your day. Aiming to drink about 64oz of water a day puts you in a great starting position to being hydrated all day long. Ample amounts of water help promote better circulation and help to support healthier looking skin. It’s a win-win.

Ditch the Coffee for the Greens

While we’re on the topic, coffee can seriously dehydrate you at the start of your day. Not only does the caffeine present the risk of crashing at mid-day, but you’ll feel the familiar craving of a large glass of water all day. Switch your morning coffee to a morning matcha for more benefits! Matcha provides a strong daily dose of antioxidants which helps support healthy immune function and won’t dehydrate you. Our Matcha Lemonade mix adds a fun twist on morning lemonade with providing a boost of focused energy to your day.

Squeeze Your Own Lemons

When we think summer, we’re reminded of lemonade stands. Fresh squeezed lemonade mixed with sugar was refreshing on long, hot summer days. Bring back your childhood memories without the refined sugar with the Matcha Lemonade mix. Our favorite summer mix is back and more flavorful than ever. Who knew that matcha and lemons were a perfect match? Mix with 8oz of water, a few ice cubes, and sip away. Lemon garnish optional.

Limit Sun Exposure

As much fun in the sun as the summer brings, too much sun exposure does more harm than good. If you’re going to be out in the sun, make your fashion statement with a hat to protect your face and provide a little bit of your own shade. If hats aren’t your thing, rock sunscreen to protect your skin. Matcha helps fight free radicals in the body, like sun damage, to help you preserve your youthful glow and protect your skin. That’s why we love to add in matcha, whether morning or late afternoon. Go on, enjoy that floppy sun hat while you sip your Matcha Lemonade. You deserve it.

Now’s the time to stock your pantry for the summer. Our Matcha Lemonade mix is 15% off this month only. It’s time to celebrate summer! 

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Amanda Borodaty
Amanda Borodaty