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Our Story

Our love for matcha was inspired by the travels and goals of our founder, David Kerdoon. While traveling through Asia, David immersed himself in the culture. While there, he was inspired by the extensive use of matcha in Japan. David began to think of different ways this could be integrated into unique products he was seeing all the benefits that matcha had firsthand. Upon returning to America, he noticed people were really only drinking green tea. They were missing out on so many more potential benefits!

At Sencha Naturals, we create Matcha inspired products! We source our Matcha directly from Organic Japanese tea farms. We believe in Green tea For all so we source the highest quality matcha for the best price! 

What's the Deal with Matcha?

Matcha is shade grown green tea where the bright green leaves are steamed, dried, and then ground into a fine powder. This results in matcha retaining all its nutrients and, due to its powdered state, being incredibly versatile as well. The end result is getting your matcha green tea fix anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience.  Since then, we are happy to incorporate matcha into so many great products that we love.

Green Tea Mints 

Have you ever met a mint without sugar? If you haven't, then you've yet to try our sugar-free Green Tea Mints! Green tea helps to fight bad breath and helps to prevent the bad breath from returning! Our mints don't need artificial sweeteners to be powerful—they pack a mighty punch to dragon breath on their own! Artificial sweeteners can spike your blood pressure and leave you craving more sugar throughout the day. The only side effect our mints have are fresh breath and the benefits of green tea. Plus, we think you're sweet enough.

Coconut Sugar Mints 

Green Tea Mints sweetened with coconut sugar. Fresh breath is important. Whether you’re in a meeting, hanging out with friends, or on a first date, you’ll want to have fresh breath. When mints have too much added sugar, it outweighs the benefit of fresh breath. Our matcha green tea mints were formulated to ditch the sugar that doesn’t help, but we added in sugar that gives our mints a sweet taste yet still is a good treat for you! Unrefined coconut sugar has a low glycemic index which means they won't spike your blood sugar but help to add a sweet finish to our mints.  

Matcha Lattes

Our Matcha Lattes have continued to be a fan favorite throughout the seasons ever since its initial launch. We always keep our recipe simple by ditching all of the added preservatives, artificial ingredients, and added sugars. We believe whole nutrition is the best treat for your body. Plus, all that sugar will spike your blood sugar levels, leading to sugar crashes later on in your day! Instead, the only sugar we use is unrefined coconut sugar. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness. In fact, unrefined coconut sugar has a low glycemic index so it won't spike your blood sugar levels. Our favorite part about our lattes? Delicious flavors and the choice to drink hot or cold. Depending on your mood or the weather, the it’s in your hands what morning matcha latte you’ll create.

Certified Organic Matcha Powder

Our matcha powder is one mighty mix that you can add to a variety of creations. Although we’re a fan of sipping traditional matcha tea with nothing added, matcha powder can be used for so much more. Our premium grade organic Japanese matcha powder can be enjoyed simply or used in your favorite latte. Our culinary grade matcha powder is perfect for adding an interesting twist to any of your favorite recipes. Matcha brownies? Matcha pancakes? The sky's the limit for what you can make.

Green Tea +C

Before you reach for a fizzy immune booster, watch out for hidden artificial sugars! Our first ingredient is organic matcha green tea, not sugar. We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins. Your immune system craves vitamins and nutrients that you can’t get from fizzy drinks packed with sugar. Green Tea+C is made with whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, coconut water, and supporting herbs to help you stay well. Stay hydrated and healthy the natural way.

Better-for-you Ingredients

All our products are always vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher Certified. Whole nutrition is not only delicious but the best for your body which is why we only use the best quality ingredients for our products.

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Amanda Borodaty
Amanda Borodaty