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About our Green Tea Farming

About our Green Tea Farming


While many Asian countries have begun harvesting matcha due to its increased popularity, Japan remains the most reliable source for this fine green tea powder. 

All of our Sencha Naturals matcha is organically harvested in the rich soils of Japan. This island nation has hundreds of years of tried & tested methods for precise matcha processing, has prime soil conditions in its volcanic regions, has rigorous quality control measures in place, and has produced green tea with the highest nutrient values compared to other tea-growing countries. For this reason, we source all of our matcha exclusively from Japan.



We work directly with small tea farmers in the lush Kagoshima and Kyoto regions of Japan. 

Photo of Japanese farmers harvesting green tea in a field

Kagoshima is an ancient seaside town under the watchful eye of an active volcano. This volcanic region provides rich soils that are perfectly primed for nutrient-dense green tea.

Additionally, Kyoto is the land of temples, lending a spiritual touch to our matcha harvests. Once the capital of Japan, this culturally-rich ancient city is also home to numerous tea fields grown in an optimal subtropical climate.

Both of our regional growers specialize in sustainable organic farming practices and harvesting methods to produce the freshest quality matcha at the best value. These multi-generational farmers have passed on their traditional harvesting techniques throughout the decades, ensuring that the finely-tuned art of matcha production and harvesting is preserved for years to come.



All of our Sencha Naturals matcha comes from first and second-harvest green tea. As a quick background, tea is harvested all throughout the year, but its precise harvesting time depends on its intended usage. 

Ceremonial grade matcha (the highest quality) comes from first-harvest green tea leaves that are picked in early spring. The young leaves are mild and delicate, resulting in a rich green color with a grassy, sweet flavor.

Premium grade matcha (such as that used for lattes and smoothies) come from second-harvest matcha picked in early summer, which has a more astringent taste due to its longer exposure to the sun. 

Photo of a hand Holding a Green Tea Leaf in a field

Only first-and second-harvest teas are appropriate for matcha, as all later harvests are too bitter/astringent to be used as powdered green tea. These third and fourth harvest tea leaves are reserved for the conventional tea bags that most people are accustomed to. 

Our Sencha Naturals Ceremonial matcha is hand-picked during the first harvest of every spring, after being grown in the shade for the perfectly delicate flavor. Our Premium grade matcha is comprised of first and second harvest teas, expertly blended to provide a balanced flavor at a great value. Finally, our Everyday Matcha consists of second harvest green tea, resulting in a grassy flavor that pairs well with either sweet or savory recipes. Ceremonial grade is our highest quality matcha (best for drinking plain), while our Everyday matcha is best for culinary purposes.


All of our Sencha Naturals matcha is grown using Organic and Non-GMO practices, to ensure the highest quality tea without harmful chemicals.

Because matcha is consumed in its whole leaf form, there’s no “washing away” the pesticides found in in conventionally-grown tea. Any chemicals that are sprayed onto the leaves or that leach into the soil will remain, and are then ingested by the end consumer.

Additionally, the same tea plant can be harvested for 30 years, meaning that conventional tea will have decades of harmful pesticides accumulated in the plant, and artificial fertilizers built up in the soil. These chemicals often leach into neighboring communities, rivers, and underground water sources, ultimately polluting the nearby regions for generations.

Organic matcha is free from these harmful chemicals & environmental practices, and therefore we are committed to sustainable harvesting methods for all of our matcha green tea.

Photo of a Misty green tea Field
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