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It’s Summer! Let’s Keep it Chill with an Iced Latte

It’s Summer! Let’s Keep it Chill with an Iced Latte

Wow, we can’t believe it’s already June.  With days getting shorter, and undeniably hotter, it’s time for beaches, BBQs, and lattes…? Alright, lattes aren’t exactly synonymous with summer, but hear us out.

As temperatures rise, it's about time to trade in those piping hot chais, super rich mochas, and of course, anything pumpkin related. Our vegan green tea lattes are extra tasty cold, and just as easy to make as their hot counterparts. Creamy coconut and bright, grassy green tea make the perfect refresher - with some bonus antioxidant benefits too!

In case you’re looking for some refreshing new drink ideas, we’ve got a few ways to cool off AND get your matcha fix at the same time.

30 Second iced latte

It’s hot, we get it, sometimes you just want something simple, instant, and straight to the point. Not to toot our own horn, but we know a certain mango latte that does just the trick- sweet, fresh, and super easy- just add 8-10 oz of water to two scoops of our latte mix, and shake or stir it up. That’s it.. a cool treat in less time than it takes to whip up a batch of instant noodles.

Forget those mega coffee chains, chai this one at home

Stay inside and avoid heat stroke.. if you’re looking something a bit more decadent than those ubiquitous summertime fruit flavors and ice pops, toss that latte mix in the blender, replace some of the water with some ice cubes and blend it up. Sencha’s chai latte makes a nice alternative to some of those crazy calorie bombs from big box coffee shops. Sweetened with coconut sugar, and chock full of green tea benefits, this sure beats the mystery syrups and dirty additives found in other hot weather treats. 

Make a Smoothie

Let’s be honest, sometimes we want something both tastier AND more substantial than our healthy green juices and smoothies.
Try our original blended with tropical faves like banana and pineapple, or perhaps some fresh berries and a hint of mint? A perfect, guilt-free alternative to that pint of ice cream you’ve been eyeing; and you can always throw some greens in there for good measure.

Of course there’s more where that came from- try making your own latte popsicles, cocktails, and other green tea creations. With 3 lattes for $30 for the entire month of June, there's no reason not to experiment.

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