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Mango May: 6 Sweet Benefits of Your Favorite Summer Flavor

Mango May: 6 Sweet Benefits of Your Favorite Summer Flavor

With its sweet, juicy flavor profile reminiscent of beaches, palm trees, and lazy summer afternoons, it’s easy to forget that mangoes are actually GOOD for you.

But- there’s more to mango than being the “poster flavor” of all things tasty and tropical. Here’s just a few of the amazing benefits it has to offer:

1. A Fresh Face Forward

Mangoes not only refresh the palette, but the face as well. Chock full of antioxidants, this tropical fruit unclogs pores, wiping out blemishes and blackheads. In addition to keeping the skin clear, mango’s high vitamin A content helps maintain a youthful glow, fighting against early signs of aging.

2. Immunity

Even with flu season behind us, it’s always smart to keep up a solid defense where colds, coughs and sore throats are concerned. A little mango goes a long way in protecting against any stray ailments in the air; vitamins A and C, as well as a multitude of carotenoids (at least 25 types!) help boost the immune system, keeping you well all year long.

3. Stay Cool

There may be a biological reason mango hits just the right spot on those real sweltering days. A simple ayurvedic remedy made up of green mango juice, water and a light sweetener, is thought to help cool the body, and release toxins from the kidneys, slowing damage caused by heat stroke.

4. Alkalizes the Body

Malic, citric, and tartaric acids work together to help alkalize the body. This helps soothe the digestive system, helping alleviate conditions like IBS, indigestion, bloating, as well as  inflammation throughout the body.

5. Eye Health

Carrots aren’t the only food that keep those eyeballs in top form. High vitamin A content makes mango a heavy hitter when it comes to caring for your peepers- preventing dry eyes and night blindness.

6. Help Prevent Cancer

As far as health benefits go, you can’t really beat cancer prevention. Mangoes help prevent leukemia, as well as breast, prostate and colon cancers, with powerful  antioxidants like quercetin, isoquercitrin, gallic acid and astragalin.

In the midst of mango season (April-June, by the way..), there’s really no reason not jump on the bandwagon.

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