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Green Tea (+C) 101- Better-for-You Immune Support

Green Tea (+C) 101- Better-for-You Immune Support


Sneezing, coughing, and exhausted? Fructose, glycine, and cysteine hydrochloride to the rescue! Wait...What..?! Your typical, run of the mill immune support drink is loaded with sugar, synthetic vitamins, and ingredients that can be a little tricky to pronounce; not exactly a recipe for daily wellness success. We think we can do better. Green Tea +C is a whole-food based immune support drink made from organic green tea, acerola cherry, and a blend of ginger, orange peel, and turmeric that work together to help you stay well. Naturally...

Here's a thing or two worth knowing about natural immune support. 

Green Tea Immunity

Antioxidants, we’ve all been told, are seriously good for you. Their inherent super powers come from the ability to fight free radicals, which set off these chain reactions that actually damage the body’s cells. With its anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, green tea protects against illnesses that enter through the nose and mouth, with a type of antioxidants, known as polyphenols. Polyphenols help fend off viruses like the common cold, strep throat, and influenza- just skip the milk if you feel your defenses are low, dairy proteins bind to polyphenols, making them inactive.

Another immune boosting fact- green tea has also been shown to have a positive impact on brain and mood functions; a happy, healthy mind means a happy, healthy body.


Vitamin C: Natural > Synthetic

Certain fizzy drinks might talk a big vitamin C game, boasting something like 2600% of your daily value, but in reality, your body can’t absorb anywhere near that amount. It’s simply too much of a so-called “good” thing. Ascorbic acid is listed as vitamin C in a sizable chunk of your favorite supermarket staples, its purpose being, to replace vitamin C lost in the pasteurization process(the heat destroys naturally occurring vitamin C). Ascorbic acid is essentially only the outer layer of a vitamin, it is extracted and isolated from a sugar molecule found in corn, and is therefore missing the co-factors and micronutrients that work together for maximum absorption.Green Tea +C gets its “C” from the Acerola cherry, a tiny fruit hailing from the Amazon that contains more vitamin C by weight than an orange.


Don’t Compromise Your Immune System with Sugar

It might taste sweet, but sugar is truly up to no good when it comes to your immune health. Excessive sugar curbs the immune system’s ability to fend off bacteria and viruses that invade the body. Normally, white blood cells engulf, then absorb incoming foreign organisms, basically cleaning out anything that doesn't belong in the body. Sugar vastly slows this process, leaving the immune system wide open for attack from incoming germs.

It’s time to adopt a “less is more” mentality when it comes to vitamins. If you find your nose getting progressively harder to use, throat scratchy, or maybe just the onset of flu season panic; take a timeout, drink some tea, and try eating real, wholesome foods.

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David Kerdoon
David Kerdoon